Fx Reel 02
Fx Reel 01
Star Citizen
Some work did for Star Citizen game.
Game Fx
Work done for Ryse cinematics.
Back to Dinosaur Island
Fx work done for Crytek VR demo. Responsible for all fx elements.
Crytek's Back to Dinosaur Island 2
The second demo done for Crytek VR. Responsible for all fx elements.
Crytek 'Sky Harbor' VR Cinematic for Basemark Teaser
Another fantastic VR project done for Crytek. I was responsible for some explosions, fire, sparks, trails and other environment fx elements.
Robinson The Journey
Robinson The Journey - An Adventure Begins Trailer PlayStation
The Climb Announcement Teaser
On this game I was responsible for all fx in the game, end events and cinematics.
Ryse Son of Rome logo test
This is an early logo test for the game Ryse: Son of Rome that I did.
Crysis 2
Crysis 2 - I work on stuff like fire, smoke, environment sparks, explosions and responsible for optimisation.
Star Citizen